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Magic Magnet Dispenser V
  • Brand
  • Model
  • Barcode
  • Specification450ml
Product Details
  • Bottle: white/black PE bottle with filling line

  • Cap:with clear valve cap(can not refilled)

  • Logo: printed( front logo printed; formula part can be on small label or printed)

  • Liquid: qualified for EU, USA and other countries

  • Documents: MSDS  COA

  • Selling points for this dispenser

  • 1) 43% less plastic use, reducing CO2 emissions

  • 2) Reduce small bottles, reduce operation cost by up to 50%

  • 3) 3 seconds for bottle exchange, reduce time needed by housekeeper

  • 4) Patented valve cap

  • 5) Translucent viewing line on side ofd bottle, timely reminder to replace bottle, simple and quick.

  • 6) Model and appearance are patended

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